Expertly Crafted for 150 Years

Before Rosenbauer began making fire trucks, we started as a company that made fire pumps. When it comes to experience in fire pumps, we are the leader.
Our Rosenbauer pumps are custom built for every application. We’re proud to announce that all of our pumps are built in our American headquarters in Wyoming, MN.

Rosenbauer Pump Options

500 GPMN25 (500)HM (500)AP-F (500)CL (500)
750 GPMN35 (750)LS (1000)MG (1000)CG (750)
1500 GPMN55 (1500)PS (1500)DSD (1500)CX (1500)
2250 GPMN80 (2250)TS (2000)8FG (2250)S100 (2000) or CSU (2250)
3000 GPMN110 (3000)ZS (3000)8FG (3000)
3500 GPMN130 (3500)CRU-2 (4000)
5500 GPMN200 (5500)2ZS (6000)DFG (4500)HVP(5500)

N SERIES | Normal Pressure Fire Pump

Rosenbauer offers single-stage normal pressure centrifugal pumps in the N Series range of products. They achieve the best possible efficiency through three-dimensional impeller blades, the diffuser and the spiral housing.

The pumps of the N Series stand out with their flat pump characteristic curves. Pressure surges when opening and closing the nozzles are reduced to a minimum.

  • Capable of up to 1500 GPM
  • Single stage normal pressure pump
  • Maintenance-free mechanical sealing
  • Low speed, therefore no gearbox is usually needed, allowing for noise reduction
  • Housing designed as a spiral housing with integrated diffuser for the highest possible efficiency

NH SERIES | Normal Pressure/High Pressure

The NH Series pumps combine all the benefits of the N Series pump with those of a four-stage, high-pressure centrifugal pump on a single pump shaft. The counter-rotating arrangement of the normal and high-pressure impellers provides optimum thrust load compensation. A separate drive for the high-pressure pump is not required. With the help of a switchover valve, the water supply of the high-pressure pump can be activated and deactivated at any speed. The use of centrifugal impellers makes the high-pressure pump resistant against contaminated water. A separate filter system is not required.

The Rosenbauer high-pressure pump also has a flat characteristic. Pressure peaks, due to HP nozzles being opened and closed, are minimized.

N80/110 | Compact Pumps for High Performance

These single stage normal pressure centrifugal pumps achieve the best possible efficiency through spatially curved impeller blades, the guide blades and the spiral housing. Combined with an extremely compact design, these pumps are impressive with their high discharge volumes.

With a flat characteristic curve, pressure surges are reduced to a minimum when opening and closing the nozzles and outlets – this relieves pressure on the nozzle operator.

The N80/110 are universal built-in pumps for airport, industrial and large tanker fire fighting vehicles, as well as for stationary systems.

  • Single stage normal pressure pump
  • Sealing via maintenance-free mechanical shaft seal
  • The normal pressure housing is designed as a spiral housing with integrated diffuser for the highest possible efficiency

N200 | High-Volume Pump

The N200 high-volume pump is exclusively built for Rosenbauer. This pump is built with a high-strength, corrosion-resistant, lightweight, carbon fiber housing and impeller complimented by a high-grade stainless-steel shaft.

The pump has a self-adjusting mechanical seal and high-efficiency double volute, single-suction, closed impeller design with optional piston primer pump. The vertically-split pump casing lends itself to ease of service with a 5-year warranty.

  • 5,750+ GPM From Draft
  • 12” Suction / 8” Discharge
  • Midship or Rear-Mounted
  • Drive via Split-Shaft Gearbox

Ultra High Pressure System (UHPS)

Rosenbauer’s Ultra High Pressure System is perfect for fast attack engines, and can be included as a fire suppression option for rescue vehicles that don’t have truck-mounted pump and tank.
When the highest firefighting efficiency for rapid, primary firefighting assistance and highest flexibility with regard to installation in vehicles are required of a firefighting system, the Rosenbauer UHPS ultra-high pressure system is the ideal solution.

Rosenbauer Pump Options

Rosenbauer Darley Hale Waterous US Fire Pump
750 GPM:N35 (750)LS (1000)MG (1000)CG (750)
1500 GPM:N55 (1500)PS (1500)DSD (1500)CX (1500)
2250 GPM:N80 (2250)TS (2000)8FG (2250)S100 (2000)
3000 GPM:N110 (3000)ZS (3000)8FG (3000)
3500 GPM:N130 (3500)CRU-2 (4000)
5500 GPM:N200 (5500)2ZS (6000)DFG (4500)HVP(5500)



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