Fire Truck Bodies


At Rosenbauer, we think paying attention to the smallest details is a big deal, because the details that go into our trucks are just as important as results that come out of them. Our custom fire truck bodies allow your department to get exactly what you need. 


The EXT Fully Extruded, Heavy Duty Body provides efficiency throughout the process from start to finish. Starting with integrating the pump house into the body, the Fully Extruded Body eliminates the need for separate body components to be built. It also allows for easier packaging of components and options. Your department can speed up the configuration process by using pre-engineered body designs with a wide variety of options to choose from.

The EXT Fully Extruded, Heavy Duty Body features:

  • Two material options: Aluminum or Stainless, both are backed by our EXT transferable lifetime warranty.
  • Fully protected wiring and lighting: On a fully extruded body, there is no conduit in any compartments. All wiring is organized cleanly within the extrusions accessed through simple removable panels. Preventing damage from weather, equipment and other gear won’t snag or damage wiring. Lighting is also recessed for protection and to allow full-width usability of every compartment.
  • Nothing in the way of your storage space: Adjustable tracks are an integrated part of the extrusions along the sidewalls and ceilings of every compartment. As a result, compartment shelves extend the full width of the compartment opening for increased storage space eliminating the use of Unistrut in the EXT body.
  • Storage from top to bottom: Integrated universal track on all walls and ceilings means recessed roll-up door compartments offer ceiling equipment mounting, so cord reels and other equipment can be attached to the ceiling as there is no drip pan or reel in the way.
  • Roll-up doors to keep equipment dry and protected: Roll-up doors open full width and full height; The door tracks are mounted to the face of the extrusion keeping them from impeding on the compartment opening. The door reel is kept above compartments, offering increased storage space and ease of service. Rolled-up doors are isolated in a separate compartment above the body compartment, eliminating water/debris from getting inside the storage space without the need for drip pans found in every other fire truck body.
  • Durable hinges that don’t sacrifice space: Compartment doors feature stainless steel hinges, which are concealed and protected from the elements, and striker pins that extend out of the door opening. Offset hinges also allow doors to open the full width of the compartment. Slam doors open flush to the interior of the compartment meaning whatever width your compartment is the doors also open to as well. On a Rosenbauer cab and Rosenbauer EXT body, there are no exposed hinges. Dirt, grime, road salt and more can’t reach our hinges.
  • Safe Steps: Rosenbauer Safe Steps are offered on the EXT body to provide flip down to easy step access to the upper compartment storage areas in taller bodies. They also provide a great spot to sit during rehab at an incident. The Safe Steps are built into the extrusions that frame every compartment. Opting for Safe Steps does not impede your compartment space.
  • High-quality wheel well options: The wheel wells on a fully extruded body are not structurally integral to the strength of the body meaning, they are easily replaceable in the event of common accidents in that area of the body. The easily replaced wheel well housings are available in four-way aluminum, painted aluminum and stainless steel. Polished stainless federates and high-density inner liners are standard.
  • Rosenbauer 2.0 Ladder Lowering System: Offered on the EXT fully extruded body, this two-arm ladder rack system is built into the extrusions of the compartment over the rear wheel(s). It’s no longer necessary to sacrifice 20+ inches of compartment space to get a powered ladder lowering rack on the apparatus. The Rosenbauer 2.0 Ladder Lowering System mounts flush and hides away completely, and does not impede compartment space on your apparatus at all.

With the EXT fully extruded body we preserve compartment space at no cost to strength. Simply put this is the most advanced, strongest body the industry has ever seen. To prove the point, we back every EXT body with a standard transferable lifetime warranty. Resale values sore with this body. Buying a used Rosenbauer EXT body fire apparatus? That means you are covered too.


The FX Formed Fire Truck Body is offered in 1/8” or 3/16” aluminum and stainless steel. and features a wide range of compartment configurations and strong, durable bodies so you can build the truck you want.

The FX Fire Truck Body features:

  • Up to a 20-year warranty: The Rosenbauer FX body can include up to a 20-year warranty.
  • Heavy-duty galvanized steel sub-frame: Heavy-duty steel tube, channel, angles and gussets are welded together and hot-dip galvanized to form an extremely strong sub-frame, which is the backbone of this modular body. It is built using formed sheets and heavy-duty extrusions. The optional extreme duty sub-frame features extra heavy wall steel tubing and double plate steel gussets at the rear. The front is mounted using a specially designed meta-cone rubber mounting system to absorb road shock and twisting forces. Regardless of which subframe you choose, both are backed by a lifetime warranty as standard.
  • Doors designed for safety and convenience: Roll-up doors give you easy access to adjustable shelves, roll-out trays and tool boards without extending into the roadway for added safety.
  • Space for your largest equipment: Flush-mounted hinged doors with stainless steel hardware allow full-width storage. Compartments can also be customized to fit your needs with shelves, roll-out trays and equipment mounts.


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