Rosenbauer receives Governor’s International Trade Award.

Rosenbauer America
December 13, 2023

St. Paul, December 8th, 2023 – Rosenbauer is honored to accept the 2023 Governor’s International Trade Award.

“Every year, examples of foreign direct investment are recognized by Governor Walz during the Governor’s International Trade Awards luncheon. In light of Rosenbauer America’s growth and transition into electric vehicle (EV) firetrucks, they been selected to receive the Governor’s International Trade Award for excellence in foreign direct investment, “said Kevin McKinnon, Deputy Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Economic Development and Research.

The Governor’s International Trade Awards recognize Minnesota companies that have shown exceptional progress and success in exports to foreign markets, as well as foreign-owned companies that have made significant economic contributions through their investments in the state of Minnesota.

Edmund Penz, Director of RTX and EV Technology receiving the award on behalf of Rosenbauer America.

“We are very proud to hear that the presence from Rosenbauer in Minnesota and our investment in the future of firefighting is well recognized, “said Edmund Penz, Director of RTX and EV Technology for Rosenbauer America.

Rosenbauer’s presence in Minnesota is storied. Beginning in Lindstrom, MN in 1929, General Safety Fire Equipment supplied fire engines to communities all over Minnesota. 66 years later, General Safety joined forces with Rosenbauer International of Leonding, Austria. Based in Wyoming, MN, Rosenbauer Minnesota and Rosenbauer Motors employ over 450 people and help produce over 700 fire apparatus annually that are in service worldwide.

Built from the ground up as a new type of emergency vehicle, the Rosenbauer RTX electric fire engine will soon be ready to be deployed in Minnesota’s capital. St. Paul Fire Department will join Los Angeles City, Vancouver, Brampton, Boulder and many other cities leading the charge in electrifying their firefighting fleets.




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