Roseville, MN Embraces Innovation with Electric Fire Engine

Rosenbauer Amérique
mai 3, 2024

Roseville Minnesota's Rosenbauer RTX Electric Fire Engine

The City of Roseville, Minnesota is taking a significant step forward in firefighter safety by investing in the cutting-edge RTX electric fire engine from Rosenbauer, a global leader in firefighting technology.

“Innovation has always been part of the City of Roseville’s culture,” said Roseville Fire Chief David Brosnahan. “The acquisition of the RTX underscores Roseville’s commitment to prioritizing the well-being of its firefighters while also advancing Roseville’s sustainability efforts and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

“Traditional fire engines powered by diesel engines have dramatically grown in cost, so we wanted to evaluate other options,” Brosnahan said. “Electric engines cost more upfront, but year over year, I believe it will be less expensive. The RTX is backed by an extended five-year bumper-to-bumper warranty, representing a substantial improvement from a typical one-year warranty on traditional diesel apparatus. This comprehensive coverage not only ensures peace of mind but also helps reduce maintenance costs. Additionally, by transitioning to electric power, the city of Roseville stands to save up to $15,000 annually in diesel fuel expenses.”

Operating from a central fire station on the outskirts of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, the Roseville Fire Department has faced a substantial uptick in service calls, responding to over 6,900 incidents last year—a notable 20% increase from 2020. A significant portion of these calls are rescue and medical emergencies, which often do not necessitate pumping operations.

“Improving operational environments for firefighters is paramount,” says Assistant Fire Chief Neil Sjostrom. “Concerns over the uncomfortable and potentially hazardous conditions in older diesel fire engines, such as loud and hot cabins, have underscored the need for long-term improvements. The decision to invest in electric fire engine, such as the RTX, seamlessly aligns with our ongoing efforts to address these issues. A quieter environment on scene significantly enhances the overall operational environments for firefighters and ensuring their long-term well-being.”

The smaller, sleeker RTX includes all-wheel drive, a tighter turning radius, and adjustable suspension enhancing the vehicle’s versatility, and enabling maneuverability in tighter and hard-to-reach areas. The RTX offers impressive firefighting power, featuring a Rosenbauer 1500 GPM pump, a 600-gallon water tank, and a Rosenbauer Variomatic foam system.

What sets the RTX apart is its revolutionary electric vehicle architecture, allowing it to handle nearly all calls solely on battery power. Moreover, it includes the redundancy of an energy backup unit, ensuring continuous power for extended operations and uninterrupted functionality.

“The introduction of the RTX electric vehicle aims to enhance overall workplace conditions, reinforcing the department’s commitment to firefighter safety,” explains Assistant Fire Chief Neil Sjostrom. “A typical fire engine features a 24-inch step-up into the cab, causing strain on knees and hips over a firefighter’s career due to the thousands of times they must step in and out while carrying heavy gear. In contrast, the electric fire truck offers a step-in height as low as 7 inches, significantly reducing strain on firefighters.”

He emphasizes, “It’s our responsibility to ensure firefighters have both a healthy career and a healthy retirement, addressing the strain caused by the repetitive nature of their duties.”

Roseville joins the Saint Paul Fire Department in being the first departments in Minnesota to integrate an RTX electric fire engine into their fleets.  Delivery of Saint Paul’s RTX is expected later this year. Rosenbauer is thrilled to continue our long-standing partnership with the City of Roseville, now incorporating the revolutionary RTX” said Todd McBride, Rosenbauer RTX Sales & Marketing Manager. “We commend Roseville for their leadership in embracing this cutting-edge technology, and we are committed to supporting their efforts in maximizing the benefits of the RTX for their firefighting needs.”




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