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The Commander custom chassis began with an entire year of meeting with firefighters and fleet crews gathering their “wish list” to make best chassis. Rosenbauer took the year-long study result and tasked the team of engineers making the list a reality. The outcome has produced a custom fire chassis that offers the rugged endurance to withstand the mean streets that trucks are exposed to. Our one piece windshield offers an unobstructed view of road ahead. The interior of the Commander offers a very spacious cabin, drivers and officers experience a very comfortable ride with an angled engine tunnel. Crew in the rear have an always flat floor no matter the size of engine or placement of pto. Our Commander looks great and handles even better! The performance and responsiveness of the Commander is in league by itself. Operating the chassis in narrow streets and hazardous road conditions wasn’t overlooked. To enhance the apparatus handling the engine was moved back and lowered between the frame rails. This provides a lower center of gravity coupled of optimized steering geometry. The 4000 series offers engine models up to the ISX 15L 600 hp and the 4000 EVS transmission. medium25medium25

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Hendrickson STEERTEK NXT
STEERTEK™ NXT High capacity fabricated steer axle system is optimized for maximum performance and comfort. Integrated with Hendrickson parabolic springs, this system delivers true suspension efficiency for demanding fire and rescue.




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