Vancouver Fire’s Cutting-Edge RTX Now in Service!

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diciembre 6, 2023

Vancouver Fire Rescue Services Rosenbauer RTX All-Electric Fire Engine

Vancouver Fire-Rescue Services Enhances Fleet with Cutting-Edge Rosenbauer RTX Electric Fire Engine

Vancouver, December 6, 2023 – Vancouver Fire-Rescue Services is proud to announce the integration of the cutting-edge RosenbauerRTX Electric Fire Engine into its firefighting fleet, continuing the city’s commitment to prioritizing the health and safety of its firefighting personnel. This cutting-edge addition, officially commissioned on Monday, December 4, underlines the department’s commitment to optimizing operational environments and ensuring the safety of its dedicated firefighters.

Recognizing the demanding nature of their profession, Vancouver Fire-Rescue Services sought a vehicle that not only addressed the environmental impact but, more crucially, prioritized the ergonomic needs of the firefighters.  “Our foremost objective in acquiring this asset is to elevate the well-being and safety of our firefighters during their daily operations. Our commitment is centered on cultivating an environment that prioritizes their health and safety” stated Fire Chief Karen Fry.

Vancouver, known for its stunning natural surroundings and as the host of the 2010 Winter Olympics, is the most densely populated city in the country. Deputy Fire Chief Tyler Moore explains, “We have about 19,000 people per square kilometer in the inner city, which is the fourth-highest volume in North America.” In this dynamic environment, Vancouver Fire-Rescue Services handles an average of ten reported fires per day, totaling 3,600 fires annually.

Vancouver Fire-Rescue Services faces unique challenges in a densely populated city with narrow alleys. Chief Fry explains, “In Vancouver, we have a ton of narrow alleys. The RTX’s compact size, short overhang, tight turning radius, and all-wheel steering make it the perfect fit for our high-density areas.” The vehicle’s versatility and efficiency ensure that firefighters can navigate challenging urban landscapes, responding promptly to emergencies.

Deputy Chief Moore emphasizes the importance of health and safety considerations in the acquisition decision, stating, “What was more important with this acquisition was that through the RTX’s adjustable suspension, the vehicle can be lowered, thus making it easier and safer for the firefighters to do their job.” The RTX’s design not only prioritizes ease of use, but also contributes to reducing stress levels for firefighters, ultimately promoting the firefighter’s overall well-being.

Todd McBride, Rosenbauer’s RTX Sales and Marketing Manager, noted, ‘In 2012, as Rosenbauer embarked on developing the RTX, cities like Vancouver took center stage in our thoughts. The vehicle was designed to address urbanization challenges in rapidly growing cities. Vancouver is a prime example of where the versatile features of the RTX can truly shine.”  

“The deployment of the RTX signifies a momentous milestone as the first electric fire engine to be placed into service in Canada.  This accomplishment adds a distinguished chapter to the nation’s firefighting innovation” said Glenn Jacques, President of Rosenbauer dealer Fénix de las Montañas Rocosas, which covers the extensive expanse of Western Canada.

Engine 1 is stationed at Fire Hall 1 in the downtown Vancouver area.  Engine 1 was placed into service on Tuesday, December 5el at 4:00 PM and responded to its first call, a fire alarm, 20 minutes later.

Video Courtesy of: Canadian Emergency Buff – YouTube




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