Rosenbauer’s ‘BEST’ Featured in Local News

Rosenbauer America
October 27, 2022

Rosenbauer Battery Extinguishing System Technology

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After an electric vehicle (EV) caught fire in Vermillion, SD, local fire departments spent hours fighting the ensuing blaze. Jacob Newton of Keloland Local News and Weather details Rosenbauer’s solution for the resource intensive process.

Keloland Local News and Weather on Rosenbauer’s Battery Extinguishing System Technology

The dangers and costs of fighting an EV fire are extensive. Fumes created by a lithium-ion battery fire are toxic and EV manufacturers are recommending up 8,000 gallons of water to fight an EV fire. Most commonly an EV catches fire when a battery cell is ruptured causing a chain reaction of thermal runaway within the battery pack. This chain reaction creates very high temperatures leading to a fire.

Rosenbauer offers the Battery Extinguishing System Technology (BEST) for fighting EV fires. When slid underneath the vehicle’s battery pack, the BEST punctures the housing in 8 milliseconds and floods the pack with cooling water. This brings the battery temperature to safe level where thermal runaway is stopped. The operator stays at a distance of 25 feet away to ensure safety.

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