Clean Cab Concepts

Firefighters face dangers every day. Remove dangers in your cab with Rosenbauer’s Clean Cab Concepts. 

Research shows firefighters are exposed to carcinogens even after they leave the scene of an emergency. With Rosenbauer’s Clean Cab Concepts, the exposure to these harmful chemicals is significantly reduced. 

Rosenbauer America’s sales and engineering staff are happy to speak with you to address your organization’s needs and requirements for cancer risk reduction. We offer a host of internally developed solutions, such as the Clean Air Scrubber, an industry-leading filter designed ground up for the cab of fire trucks, to solutions for moving SCBA and turnout gear out of the cab. We also work closely with our vendors to provide solutions throughout the cab, such as smooth polyurethane cab surface finishes for easy and effective cleaning, and zip-off seat covers that are machine washable. The options Rosenbauer can offer in this effort can be overwhelming, and our sales and engineering teams will work with your organization for solutions that will fit your needs. Carcinogen reduction is not all or nothing; choosing just one or two simple options is critical to the health and safety of your crew. Our team is committed to keeping your team safe.

CleanAir Recirculation Air Scrubber

Firefighters are at a higher risk of exposure to cancer-causing carcinogens. Now, the cab is a clean zone thanks to Rosenbauer’s CleanAir Recirculation Air Scrubber. 

Our CleanAir system was developed in conjunction with the University of Minnesota. CleanAir uses two types of filters to trap particulates. The scrubber changes the chemistry of volatile organic compounds, converting what was once a toxic carcinogen into a harmless gas.   

The Particulate Calibration Laboratory of the University of Minnesota has released test results of the filter used in the Rosenbauer CleanAir Scrubber. The test was conducted per ASHRAE Standard 145.2-2016 in a test facility with a controlled air flow system where a representative VOC (volatile organic compound) was injected to determine the overall effectiveness of the filter in removing VOCs.

The test showed that the filter was effective in removing the VOC with an initial efficiency of 85%. We believe this is a significant step forward in our Clean Cab initiative.

The CleanAir system can be installed in nearly any type of vehicle with available power and space. 

CleanAir Recirculation Air Scrubber Testimonial

See how fire departments, including Central Fire in Santa Cruz County and Ceres Fire in the Central Valley, have used and experienced the CleanAir Recirculation Air Scrubber. 

clean cab fire truck


The CleanLocker by Rosenbauer is an NFPA compliant PPE storage facility. Contaminated PPE is secured outside of the cabin while en route back to the station.

The CleanLocker also serves as a rallying point for the crew to exit the apparatus and don their PPE. There’s plenty of room for four complete sets of PPE, including SCBA packs.

The CleanLocker is available in either electrically powered version or a manual pull-out configuration. When powered a switch is available on the chassis cab dashboard for easy deployment as apparatus arrive on-scene. If a manual configuration is desired, the entire CleanLocker will be mounted on a 500lb. roll-out tray with a manual “D-ring” latch.

Clean Cab Concept Truck

See our Clean Cab Concepts in use in our Clean Cab Concept Truck.


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